2020 Finalist Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year


Shaded eyeliner

The Shaded Eyeliner is latest, most advanced cosmetic tattoo eyeliner technique to come out of Europe, resulting in the most realistic eyeshadow effect. Soft Subtle and oh so gentle on the skin leaving you with a more casual style eyeliner. The results are so natural, nothing like the eyeliner tattoos you’ve seen.

A micro-pigmentation specific cosmetic tattoo machine, with a single use disposable needle is used to deposit pixels (micro dots) of your chosen colour, saturating the skin along and tapering out in a soft wing above the lash line resulting in a sultry eyeshadow effect.

Top only            Lasts 6-18 months 

ORIGINAL                    $750

6-12 month                 $400

12-18 month               $550

Over 18 month            ORIGINAL        

Original price applies to new clients & includes 2 appointments 6-12 weeks apart. Refresh prices apply to existing clients only.

Additional follow-up within 12 weeks on original or refresh: $150

A deposit of $100 is required to secure your booking. This amount will be deducted from your treatment or refunded at your consultation appointment. At least 48 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations or your deposit will be forfeited.


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